Asap Company

asap - a smart advance product - founded in 1998 - an endoscopic products captured the confidence of a growing number of successful partners worldwide.

The increasingly positive response generated the need for a new extended production facility. This need was accomplished in autumn 2008, when they celebrated the opening of their new manufacturing facility in Umkirch.

Their goals are to produce high quality products and stride to work closely with their customers. Our focus is personal attention to detail, production flexibility, innovation and quality product

Asap German company with a proud history of producing all kinds of endoscope working in 1998 as a manufacturer and OEM markets in Germany and the world, has expanded its activities.

All products of the company are certified with the FDA and CE.

A unique feature of this lens are as follows :

- Various connectors for connection to all light sources on the market

- New Eye Piece Standard head for camera connection

- Rod Lens made ​​of transparent and standardized for use in the HD Video System

- Built with the latest fiber optic technology for good light transmission and avoid heating the lens (With Light Guide Heat Protection)

- A variety of sizes and angles to use all fields with the ability to bind sheets of surgical procedure leading companies

Autoclave capability


For more information you can visit the company's website.