Chammed Company

CHAMMED CO., LTD. as medical equipment specialized company is making a ceaseless effort to satisfy people's health and happiness.

The CHAMMED CO., LTD Company provides a variety of equipment of ear, nose and throat.

The company's products include ENT units in various design, different systems of endoscopy, doctor and patient chairs, irrigator, nebulizer and...

This company with an excellent design and applying the latest technology of health has received international certificate such as CE, SFDA, KFDA, EN ISO 13485:2003.

CHAMMED CO., LTD. put in practice 3F policy-First Technology, First Quality, First After Service to be a company creating future value of technology, making world class products. As a result of this policy, CHAMMED CO., LTD. has been recognized the value of company not only in Korea but also on the worlds. Furthermore, won "Korean World-Class Product Award".

It has also gained GMP (Good Manufacturing practices for the products) certificates from KFDA guarantee high quality products of company.



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