Diagnostic endoscopic surgery

Diagnostic endoscopic surgery

The Chammed company provides a variety of equipment of ear, nose and throat .

The company's products include ENT units in various designs, different systems of endoscopy, doctor and patient chairs, irrigator, nebulizer and...

This company is a corporation of excellent design and Applying the latest technology of medical engineering, international certificate such as CE, SFDA,KFDA,EN ISO 13485:2003 are awarded.

Also receiving certificates GMP (Good Manufacturing practices for the products) from KFDA guarantee high quality products of company.

The company also received the award for "best product in the world" for two years, the Korean government has been.

Our Endoscope is managed with the advanced inspecting standard greatly exceed the required standard of performances, and in stable condition. This endoscope adopt high quality optic fiber, so field of view is very clear. All Lenses are available in various lengths and degrees for use in various fields.
This is usual system included main light source ,CCD camera gun, light guide table, cart. It can be either attached to an ENT treatment unit or separately installed with a stand type, depending on a convenience of users.
XVS5 is two channel ENT visual system. It has two LED light source outlet with two video module. Generally ,one is used for endoscopic system and another is for microscopic system.XVS5 has function of auto white balance, brightness control, color selection for light source, etc.
XVS3 is general ENT endoscopic visual system. It adopt intergrated visual gun which has camera and light guide cable in one cable. It offers first-class image quality with LED light source and up to 4 image can be captured and has split screen effects to compare each image.