Nasopharyngoscope and Stroboscope

Nasopharyngoscope and Stroboscope

Inventis company is the manufacturer of additional equipment of ENT. (ear, nose, throat)

The company's products include Nasopharyngoscope, Stroboscope and different types of highlight and cameras.

The structure of Nasopharyngoscope while maintaining the quality of pictures and video, is user friendly and also because It is portable, it can be used in different locations.

A unique feature of these devices is a specialized application, invisia recorded archives, editing feature film contains images from the larynx.

All of this Italian company has the international certificates. 


 MediCam  is the Invisia line of digital USB cameras dedicated to video endoscopy, which concentrate leading edge video technology in an extremely light and compact body. Combined with Visia, the Daisy module for video acquisition, MediCam turns your computer into a powerful video endoscopy system. MediCam is available in two versions, Basic and Plus. MediCam Basic is a standard resolution camera featuring a CCD sensor with 640*480 pixels. MediCam Plus, with a high sensitivity CCD of 1280*960 pixels, is designed for the most demanding customers. - The camera includes image capture and archiving software. For video recording you have to…
Flexia is a CMOS chip-on-the-tip video nasopharyngoscope. The cutting edge CMOS chip and the powerful LED illumination allow you to obtain perfect sharp bright images with a resolution of more than 80,000 pixels, i.e. 5 times higher than a classical fiber optics nasopharyngoscope. Flexia is a compact, all-in-one system: forget light sources, cables, cameras, adapters... everything is already in it, easily transportable in the dedicated aluminum case. Flexia's finely manufactured handpiece is connected to the Control Unit featuring two video outputs: - A digital USB output for interfacing with any Windows computer through the software suite Daisy. - An analog…
Highlight Basic is a portable LED stroboscope and continuous light source, developed to make Laryngostroboscopic investigations the everyday practice for all ENT specialists by offerig an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Despite small size, no compromises have been made in terms of performance. HighLight Basic features still or slow motion viewing modes, footswitch control and real time power specturm view. Combine HighLight Basic with MediCam Basic camera: you will obtain a high quality video endostroboscopy system that ideally meets most of the needs and is easily carried in a suitcase.  
HighLight Plus is Invisia's top-of-range stroboscopic light source. Based on LED technology superb images of the vocal folds and supplies powerful continuous light for every endoscopic use. The key feature of HighLight Plus is its super high power LED source that produces a perfect white light with the same intensity as a 180 Watt Xenon lamp (continuous operation) without needing the expensive bulb replacements typical of the latter. For an uncompromising system, combine HighLight Plus with MediCam Plus camera: the sharp brightness of the HD laryngostroboscopy videos will amaze you, and so will the advanced software tool available with frame-by-frame…